Courtney Love shows off the lyrics Kurt Cobain originally wrote for "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

-More than 30 years after the release of Nirvana 's acclaimed album Nevermind , Courtney Love surprised the band's fans after sharing some unpublished lyrics that Kurt Cobain originally wrote for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but were ultimately discarded.

-The ex of Cobain and leader of Hole was invited to participate in Rob Harvilla 's 60 Songs That Explain The '90s podcast to share some anecdotes about her relationship with Kurt and also to show the lyrics that the musician had composed for which he ended up becoming Nirvana's most famous song


Some lines were left in the final version

As the artist recalls, the lyrics originally said: "Come out and play/ make up the rules/ I know I hope/ to buy the truth/ who will be the king and queen/ of all the outcasted teens", before entering the explosive chorus: " We're so lazy / and so stupid / blame our parents / and the cupids / a deposit, for a bottle / stick it inside / no role model ".

Then, Love read aloud another draft of the lyrics different from the first: " We merge ahead this special day/ this day giving amnesty to sacrilege/ A denial/ and from strangers/ a revival/ and from favours/ here we are now/ we're so famous/ here we are now/ entertain us ", which is much closer to the final version, keeping a few lines.

Finally, Love confessed that she would have liked the band to include the line "who will be the king and queen of all the outcasted teens?", arguing that it would have made life easier for her and her daughter after the criticism. he received after Cobain's death in 1994.



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