"I could pay a few thousand dollars to get you out of the way" Kurt Cobain's threat to two female writers

-In 1992 two British writers launched to write a book about Nirvana, causing the anger of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

British writers Victoria Clarke and Britt Collins launched, in the early 1990s, to write a book about the band Nirvana , which was at its peak. However, “Flower Sniffin', Kitty Pettin', Baby Kissin' Corporate Rock Whores” never reached the public, and its creation had a complicated history behind it, in which Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love prevented the work of the writers through threats.

The British had the approval of the band at first. Both got the approval of the project from the Nirvana team, which not only allowed them to do it, but gave them a lot of help in the form of their closest contacts, even allowing Victoria Clarke to go on tour with the group during the European tour of 1992.

At first, everything went as expected, but this trend did not take long to change. Clarke was kicked off the tour after requesting an interview with Courtney Love, something that made Kurt Cobain very angry. The investigation of the writers continued in a way that the singer did not like at all. They interviewed ex-boyfriends of Courtney Love and Lynn Hirschberg , a Vanity Fair journalist who had published an article suggesting that the Hole singer had used heroin during her pregnancy. Kurt and Courtney took it as an act of war, as the article could have caused their daughter Frances Bean Cobain to be taken from them, something that didn't end up happening.

-The artist couple decided to attack and put pressure on the writers, fearing that the book would be too defamatory for them. In this way, they began to leave threatening messages on Clarke's answering machine. The first was left by Courtney Love, serving as a precedent for everything these writers will suffer later: "We will use all the dollars we have and all our power to screw you over".

The next night, the broadcaster was Kurt Cobain. In this string of messages, it is strange to hear a voice that we have heard so many times speak in this way. "I have a lot of things to tell you, fucking parasites ," he said in the first message. "If there's anything in this book that hurts my wife, I'll fucking hurt you. I don't care if it's a recorded message, I'm at the end of my patience… I guess I could pay a few thousand bucks to get you out of in medium , but maybe I'll try the legal route first."

The next message read: "At this point you probably know I don't give a fuck if you have this on tape, or if you use it in court...". The rest of the recording is Kurt Cobain desperately asking for the phone to be picked up.

Ultimately, these threats were not the cause of the book not being published. Nirvana's legal team sued Vitoria Clarke and Britt Collins, preventing publication. These threats came from Kurt Cobain at his worst, with a downward trend that continued until his death in 1994.



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