Courtney Love turns 59: life after Kurt Cobain

-The controversial and enigmatic American singer and leader of the band Hole was known throughout her career for her explosive personality and controversial comments , including outright expressions of her contempt for various artists and musicians. Courtney Love, who turns 59, is none other than the widow of Kurt Cobain. And, apparently, her life and her support are still as hectic as when she lived with the rocker who committed suicide in 1994.


"Just remember that no matter what happens, I love you." Those were the last words she heard, on the other end of the phone, from the Nirvana singer, who was admitted to a detoxification clinic for drug abuse at the time.

Four days later, on Tuesday, April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain made a terrible decision: In the conservatory of his Seattle home, he picked up a shotgun and shot himself in the head. He was 27 years old. They had starred in a stormy marriage, including the loss of possession of his daughter.

Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in San Francisco on July 9, 1964. Her father, Hank Harrison, had been a manager and LSD dealer for the Grateful Dead band. Her mother, Linda, was a psychotherapist. Courtney's maternal grandmother was a wealthy writer who, they say, would have had Linda with none other than Marlon Brando. The truth is, Linda and Hank didn't last and broke up before Courtney was even born.

Kurt Cobain, a rock figure who committed suicide at just 27 years old. (Photo: Video Capture)

The incredible thing was that his father gave him LSD. Like some hippies at the time, he was convinced that the drug was good for boys. Of course, when the authorities found out, he was cut off from being with Courtney. Little she went to live with her mother in a community. From there, Courtney Love's life was hell.

Wild love with Kurt Cobain

After a few casual and shallow encounters, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love started something serious. The first time they had a good chat, Kurt told him something about the new Nirvana record he was working on, Nevermind; Courtney gave him details of the recording of his group Hole's debut album, Pretty on the Inside. She did not miss the opportunity and wrote down her phone number on a napkin. Kurt called her that same night.

Courtney Love, during a recital. (Photo: AP/Laurent Cipriani)

As soon as they started dating, Kurt's life took an unexpected turn towards massive success. The Nevermind album sold over a million copies in a month. Attractive, vulnerable and charismatic, Kurt, without really wanting to, sent the audience into a frenzy.

By his side, his owner was already there: the rebellious blonde that everyone rejected. She never went unnoticed and her eagerness to create scandals immediately put her in the role of "the evil one". Courtney came to declare with irony: "I have a mark: the crazy bitch."

Cobain began using heroin on a daily basis to alleviate his stomach ailment. Pain that Kurt told Rolling Stone magazine often made him think of suicide. The stomach cramps were accompanied by nausea and heartburn every time he ate. The doctors did not come up with a clear diagnosis, nor with effective remedies. Kurt felt like the only thing that worked was opiates. In love and addicted, they gave themselves over to free consumption.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, in a post that the widow made on her Instagram account.

Several times they went through hospitalizations to try to recover from addictions. Until Kurt Cobain couldn't take it anymore and he killed himself with a shotgun he had bought to protect his family from him.

Courtney Love and life after Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love's Instagram account has the presence of Hole on the profile, the band that the rocker founded in 1989, with which she recorded four studio albums but has not reported new releases since 2010, with the album Nobody's Daughter.

Cobain's widow's social network is also flooded with images from her past as a fleeting model for Gianni Versace or Karl Lagerfeld. In addition, she reviews past friendships, iconic records, film projects and the memory of her family: her ex-husband and especially their daughter, Frances Bean, who is a model.

He came to pay $300,000 in judicial compensation for street assaults . She published her memoirs in 2006, she worked as an actress -in films like The Larry Flynt Scandal (1996), Man on the Moon (1999)-, had roles on television and was even a jury member in a popular drag reality show. queens.

The last video that the Courtney Love band has uploaded on its official account: dates from 2011.

She said that she overcame her heroin addiction in 1996 - at the request of film director Milos Forman, who forced her to submit urine tests before filming - but entered rehab in 2005 due to a relapse, this time due to crack, cocaine and alcohol.

He never remarried and has known few romances in recent times; the most famous was the one she had with the actor Edward Norton. Today, she Courtney often gives interviews in which she evokes her ex-husband. “We all said a lot of things. Lying to the press is one of the best sports there is ," she said a month ago. A phrase that defines it.

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