Kurt Cobain: This was his favorite Metallica album

-Kurt Cobain never had a problem publicizing his influences or the bands he admired. His tastes were as varied as they were interesting, but the reality is that he was never very close to metal and its ramifications. By the time Nirvana was on the rise, metal and hard rock had been taken over by the glam aesthetic, which Cobain loathed and repudiated. Even so, within the catalog of bands that already had their place on the scene, there was one for which Kurt felt a particular appreciation: Metallica . As Far Out recalls , Cobain was a fan of the group, with whom he had a cordial relationship.


Kirk Hammett recalls Cobain's favorites

Cobain's closeness to Metallica was such that confessional talks between musicians arose on several occasions, where they also gave their opinions about each other's work. As the aforementioned medium explains, on one occasion the lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett , mentioned in an interview that Kurt had told him what his favorite song in the group was. He used to tell me his favorite album was Ride the Lightning and his favorite Metallica song was 'Whiplash ,'" he said.

Ride the Lightning was the second Metallica album released in July 1984 and one of the group's most acclaimed, mentioned as one of the key albums of the genre. While maintaining the energy and power of its predecessor, Kill 'Em All , this opus featured some slow, complex compositions like "Fade to Black" that captivated Cobain's sensitive spirit.

A person with a big heart

In another section of the same talk, Hammett remembered Kurt as someone with a heart of gold and went on to talk about one of his encounters with him. “We were playing Washington, and Kurt came downstairs in the dressing room, he was in our nest of snakes. I saw him waving his arms at me, and when I finally leaned over to hear what he had to say, he just said, 'Are you guys playing 'Whiplash' tonight?' And we played it and he loved it ”, he concluded.



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