Kurt Cobain's (Nirvana) pick considered the most expensive in the world: "I had never seen anything like it"

-A pick used by Kurt Cobain has been auctioned for $14,678. The leader of Nirvana gave it signed to a lucky man or woman who keeps it like gold on a cloth. Although that autograph is not what makes it unique, it is believed to be one of the first authentic signatures of the band shortly after their debut album 'Bleach' was released, that is, even before Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters ) joined the band.

As Loudwire states , this guitar-playing tool reached fans after Nirvana recorded the demo for what would later become their most celebrated album: ' Nevermind '. The auction took place through the Iconic Auctions platform, and ended on June 10. This collector's item includes, as we mentioned before, Cobain's signature and a hand-drawn drawing of the turtle that appears on Dunlop's picks and the Tortex inscription .


The letter of provenance for the pick says the person who purchased the item did so on " Friday, April 6, 1990 ," along with a pack of other signed Nirvana memorabilia.

In the letter is written: " During the week of April 2 to 6, 1990, Nirvana was at Butch Vig's Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. The band recorded versions of songs that would eventually end up in 'Nevermind'. But They knew how to put the finishing touch to the week by performing a concert at The Club Underground on Friday night ."

One of the attendees of that show was lucky enough to get several autographed items that night including an original "Bleach" tour poster . The letter continues: " The band's signatures from the time when Chad Channing was on drums are virtually non-existent and most bizarre. 'Nevermind' was not released until 1991. The only reason they remain is because the The person who collected them had a habit of getting things signed by whoever was playing."

Shaun Ertischek, the man who picked up this pick and obviously a Nirvana fan, told Guitar World : " I knew this piece was special when I saw it go up for auction. The guitars and other gear used by Kurt Cobain have reached exorbitant prices ."

The buyer was amazed that " I often try to get picks at concerts , but there is no way to authenticate them. However, since this Cobain pick is signed on one side and has a drawing on the back, the personality of the player is present." artist ".

Ertischek added: " It's surreal to hold this piece of music history in my hands. I've never seen anything like it , and it's really unique. Kurt was obviously an incredible singer, songwriter and guitarist. It's quite rare and special to have something played by him, and to make matters worse, signed ".

This pick is considered the most expensive in the world. In the past, other celebrity picks have been auctioned for as much as $5,760. However, items belonging to Kurt Cobain, thanks to his legend, have been auctioned for much higher value than this . However, more things have been auctioned from the Nirvana member, such as a guitar or the artist's own hair .



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