Kurt Cobain already has his own movie: “Come As You Are” trailer released

-Interest in the figure of Kurt Cobain still intact today. That is what we could deduce if we take a look at the news that continues to generate so much Nirvana like his late vocalist. Few days ago, his old partner Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) considered him “the best songwriter” of his generation and we have also known how fame affected him.


One of the most important events on this matter will be the long-awaited biopic about the late leader of Nirvana ‘Come As You Are’, of which some interesting details are already known, such as the trailer that you can see below or the cast under the orders of Alyse Kane Riley composed by Chase offerleFarah sheaChase hintonKyle hardingAngel garet Y Sage lorraine.

-Far from concentrating on the most morbid aspects of the existence of Cobain, the film is presented as a portrait of mental health, addictions, love and tragedy, as we can see in his web page. But don’t just stick to the figure of Kurt, but also to that of Courtney love, his partner during those troubled years. This is a very different story than the one we have been told until then.

As they remind us in their synopsis, for many fans, Kurt Cobain He was a god, but he was also a father, husband, and friend. Often behind mental health problems hides a vulnerable person who is very dear to their loved ones.

The release date is not yet known, but the daughter of Kurt, Frances Bean Cobain, He has not hesitated to promote the film from his social networks.

Trailer ------} https://bit.ly/32JxSep (by https://oicanadian.com/)



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