Anyway, Here's 'Wonderwall'... In the Style of Nirvana

-Grunge legends meet the ultimate britpop anthem.
Emerging as Europe's (and, specifically, UK's) response to the gloomy atmosphere of Seattle's grunge, britpop became one of the defining movements of the '90s as well.

-Led by the rivalry between Blur and Oasis, the genre took over the decade's middle years, and produced some of rock's biggest songs of the last 30 years.

Arguably the biggest hit to come out of britpop, "Wonderwall", from Oasis' 1995 sophomore album "(What's the Story) Morning lory?" is a 6x-platinum single still relevant today, especially as a meme for that guy who always carries around an acoustic guitar (we all know one).

Now, courtesy of Moonic Productions, "Wonderwall" got the YouTube treatment, and was re-worked in the style of Nirvana, the biggest band from the genre britpop was rebelling against.

You can check out the video in full below:



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