Kurt Cobain's daughter and Tony Hawk's son got married

-Frances Bean Cobain and Riley Hawk confirmed their marriage after a year and a half of dating. The ceremony was officiated by the bride's best man, Micheal Stipe, former leader of REM.

Francis Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and Riley Hawk, son of skate legend Tony Hawk, were married on October 7 in Los Angeles. Among the guest stars was Francis' godfather, none other than Micheal Stipe, singer of REM, who officiated the ceremony.

Despite rumors about the beginnings of their relationship, the couple confirmed their courtship in early 2022, through an Instagram post shared by the musician's daughter.

-There he spoke about his emotional situation and his return to social networks after a year of inactivity.

The couple has always kept a low profile in front of the media. That is why they have not given more details about the ceremony or where their honeymoon will be.


It was in 2014 that Frances Cobain went through her first divorce with her ex-husband, Isaiah Silva. Her marriage came to an end after two years of relationship and with the loss of one of her father's guitars (used in MTV Unplugged ), an alleged gift that Francis had given to her ex-husband.

Within the entire scandal, Frances' mother, Courtney Love, supported her daughter in a long court battle to recover the Martín D-18 E guitar, of which only 300 models were made.

Silva, 38, won custody of the Nirvana singer's instrument and auctioned it for $6.01 million.

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