Frances Bean Cobain reveals how she spends her father’s money

-"It feels like money from somebody that I’ve never met, let alone earned myself,” says Kurt Cobain’s daughter.

Frances Bean Cobain, 26, Reveals Her 'Guilt' Over Inheriting Late ...

Frances Bean Cobain has explained how she handles the responsibility of handling the fortune of her late father, Kurt.
The Nirvana frontman died when his daughter was just eighteen months old. Frances Bean said: “My relationship with money is different because I didn’t earn it. It’s almost like this big giant loan that I’ll never get rid of…

-It feels like money from somebody that I’ve never met, let alone earned myself.”

Frances Bean Cobain 2018
Frances Bean Cobain 2018. Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Speaking on the RuPaul podcast, What’s The Tee? in 2019, Cobain’s daughter admitted that she hadn’t had a huge amount of good advice on how to deal with the estate.
She did, however, admit that she’d got a lot better with money: “I’d like to say that within the last two years I have taken real accountability for every single thing, talking to the people in charge of my money and having in-depth meetings as well as recognising that you don’t have to live lavishly in order to live well.
“Like, it’s not necessary to have UberXX or whatever it is every single time you are going five minutes away. Get the Uber economy if you are going ten minutes away, it’s okay, it’s alright.”

-Frances Bean also had some words to say about her mother, Courtney Love.

She said: “When my mom is on a right and healthy path she is one of the most fulfilling, beautiful, intelligent, kind people that I have ever met.
“The thing with as somebody who is as smart as she is, is that she doesn’t know how to sit with herself. She is so deeply empathetic and so intelligent that when she has to sit inside of her skin, she doesn’t know how to handle that.
“So, she is highly self-destructive as a result of not knowing what to do with all that information and feeling.”
She concluded: "I don’t want to control her, I don’t want her to do one thing or another and I also don’t want to expect that my opinions will deter her decisions. I want our relationship to based on communication.”



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