Dave Grohl: "A Nirvana Show with Kurt Cobain Hologram if possible."

-Dave Grohl: "A Nirvana Show with Kurt Cobain Hologram if possible."

The Nirvana frontman will be resurrected and playing with his former band...

The record industry has been struggling to recover from the massive dent in sales that the internet and downloading has caused over the past few years. Finally coming to terms with the exponential rise in technology, record execs have decided that the future of profiting off the dead is by using holograms. In 2013 Coachella festival shocked the world when a hologram Tupac Shakur walked on to its stage to perform one of his classics. 

-Since then, record companies have been mulling over who to exploit next. Well, it seems they finally made their decision, and have announced that deceased counter-culture icon Kurt Cobain will be resurrected by hologram alongside original Nirvana members, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic.



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