WATCH: The probable Nirvana biopic with Brad Pitt in 1999, but Courtney Love declined..

-If you shout your possible biographical film about Nirvana with Brad Pitt as Kurt Cobain. Former wife Courtney Love, however, disagrees.

The wave of musical biographies that have been reaching the general public in recent months has not stopped. After the successful Bohemian Rhapsody in Queen, and The Dirt in Mötley Crüe, now I could also go to biopic in Nirvana.
At the moment we have nothing certain, only rumors, about the realization of the film about the very famous rock band of the 90s. The particular thing that is wasted is the voice in relation to the name of the actor who will play Kurt Cobain, the leader Nirvana leader who died on April 5, 1994. And among the many names, the one that appeared most was Brad Pitt.

-A vague conformity (particularly with Pitt when he was young) is undeniable. But there are those who have launched against this possibility. Haz was personally personalized with Curtney Love, Cobain's ex-wife and the leader of the Hole, at a recent event with GQ. In fact, Love declared: “Kurt had more stage presence and was more beautiful than Pitt. He was a leader, he was strong. "And he goes further, suffering:" And if you want to know, he was also well endowed. "

-A very provocative vanguard that wants to reject any participation of Brad Pitt in the possible biographical film. Courtney Love does sow itself as a person, assuming that of the best mainly Kurt and Saber how to bear the weight of a similar interpretation. In fact, he declared himself favoring the film over Nirvana, a pact, however, that would be called in cause for the actor's choice.

Same Love, in a previous event, made a tug in the world and a second possible candidate for a favorable candidate. Kurt Cobain would have performed well for the "transformer" Jared Leto. The leader of Thrity Seconds to Mars, and now Navigato Actor (Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2049, Dallas Buyers Club, ...), depending on the singer, could probably interpret some facets of Cobain's complex personality.



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