Aerosmith on Kurt Cobain: "He was an incredible composer and performer"

-Kurt Cobain was always a self-proclaimed fan of many of the biggest bands of all time like Aerosmith. In an interview for Classic Rock, guitarist Joe Perry recalled the Nirvana leader and how he went to visit them in the dressing room.

-“He came to the dressing room with Courtney Love and sat down with us. He was a normal guy. When she went to the bathroom, Courtney told us,  'She loves you guys. He doesn't like anyone, but he likes you.  She had nothing but respect for the guy. He was an incredible songwriter and performer, and to hear that was great ," recalls Perry .

Another approach they had was when Cobain 's heroin problems became public and Steven Tyler decided to call manager Janet Billing, who worked with Nirvana: "Just when it started to come out that Kurt was taking drugs, I remember Steven Tyler called and wanted to help . I told Kurt , 'Shit, Steven Tyler called my office and he wants to help you. Can I give you your number? And he said, 'Steven Tyler has to be a drug addict for 18 fucking years. I've only been using drugs for an hour' “.



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