This was Dave Grohl's first show in Nirvana

-Although Dave Grohl is known for having been part of Nirvana along with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic , the reality is that when the musician joined the band he was the fifth drummer to go through it and had to prove that he was the one for the position. This was demonstrated from the first time he played with the group on October 11, 1990 at the North Shore Surf Club in Washington.


After joining the band to replace Chad Channing , who was fired in June of that year, Grohl had his live debut a few days later . Despite his obvious skills behind the cymbals, the little time he had with him was a great challenge for him, considering the number of songs he had to learn for the show.

A tough and dynamic guy

That night, Nirvana played a total of 20 songs and decided to start with a version of The Vaselines' song "Son of a Gun" , to later continue with a version of "Molly's Lips" -cover that eventually ended up on the album Incesticide- and "D-7". He also performed a large part of the Bleach repertoire , an album that the band had released in 1989.

Within two minutes we knew he was the right drummer. He was a tough guy. He was so dynamic. He was so bright and so vital. He was the best," Novoselic recalled (via Louder ) of the first time he saw Grohl play. The reality is that Nirvana had been looking for a change that would help enhance their sound and Dave was the key piece in completing the equation that ended with Nevermind .

Below you can see videos of Dave Grohl's debut as a drummer for Nirvana:



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