Billy Corgan Remembers Nirvana Producer Using His Guitar Sound Without Permission

-The musical genres of The Smashing Pumpkins have impacted many musicians, including Marilyn Manson, Mark Hoppus, Panic! at the Disco, and many more. However, one band took inspiration from them, especially from its lead singer Billy Corgan, despite the fact that these names openly acknowledged the band’s impact on them. The musician recently revealed to Rick Beato how Nirvana copied the sound of his guitar.


The Smashing Pumpkins collaborated with producer Butch Vig in 1991 at his Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, for their debut studio album, “Gish.” The band later had the chance to collaborate with Vig once again on their second album in late 1992. While Vig assisted them in their professional endeavors, he also benefited from their cooperation. Recently, Billy Corgan reflected on his discussion of Nirvana with Vig. So, we were extremely close to Butch, he added, after hearing their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Butch yells to go for what will become “Nevermind.” We were with him on a Wisconsin lake on July 4th, whatever the year would have been, as I’ve mentioned in this story a few times. “Do you want to hear the new Nirvana?” he asks. He possesses a boombox. When he presses it, “Teen Spirit” appears.

He added, “It’s a gorgeous summer day in Wisconsin, and the sun is setting. The singer stated, “I had two feelings to the song. I felt that the producer had plagiarized Boston’s timeless hit. First of all, I thought, “Interesting, he plagiarized Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling’.” Then, when the song started, I looked at Butch and shouted, “You took off my guitar sound, motherf*cker,” realizing Vig had used his guitar sound to create “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The producer answered, “I think I did,” without denying his behavior, according to Corgan. Because everything he incorporated into it was information I taught him, the singer continued. Butch didn’t need me to show him how to mic up a cabinet; all he needed was to see how I would layer the guitars and say, “Oh, I’ll take that.” Nirvana is presently playing every 18 seconds on the radio. Naturally, I think, “Oh, that’s my guitar sound, every time I hear this guitar.”

Unexpectedly, Kurt Cobain already addressed the plagiarism allegations and acknowledged drawing inspiration from a few names, including Boston. Additionally, Dave Grohl once acknowledged that the Gap Band song “Burn Rubber On Me” had a direct influence on the drums in “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The classic hit by Nirvana seems to incorporate several components from other musicians. However, given the success of the song, none of their followers really care if they stole ideas from other songs. (by



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